Together We Can:

  • Work on Relationship Issues
  • Identify and Break Painful Patterns
  • Solve Sex-Related Concerns
  • Prepare for Tough Conversations
  • Understand Core Gender Differences
  • Decode Dating Complexities
  • Clarify Your Desires
  • Spice Up Your Current Relationship
  • Leave the past behind
Karen is a great resource and a captivating speaker. She really impacted me with her honest and energetic approach to topics such as Sex, Money and Relationships. I truly enjoyed the small group dynamic of the weekend seminar and having an understanding of security and safety among the group. The exercises were empowering, insightful, and emotionally uplifting! I gained insight on where I was going wrong in my own relationships and have become closer to those around me. I have gained more confidence in asking for what I need in life and am so grateful for the experience! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to strengthen their love connections, gain more confidence, and allow for more open and honest communication in relationships. Thank you, Karen!
Sam Duncan
Creative Director + Designer