MenSex&Money for Women

“As women, being deeply related, expressing ourselves freely, and being fulfilled are the very fiber of our being, our essential nature. Yet we often compromise our deepest desires, sell ourselves short or simply don’t ask for what we want even in our most intimate relationships.This can be especially true regarding sex, money and the men in our lives.”    Karen Solomon


Whether an evening or week long retreat, the Men, Sex & Money® programs explore these poignant conversations.

MenSex&Money for Men

About The Program

Men, Sex & Money® is Karen’s signature seminar. Created at the request of a recent college grad who, upon finding her easy to talk to about “relationship stuff”, requested to spend time with Karen in order to learn tools to help her navigate relationships. Karen, happily donning her teacher’s hat, designed a juicy weekend’s curriculum for this young woman and her friends. Karen asked herself what they needed to know, and the answer was everything related to sex and money and how to communicate with the men in their lives about these potentially edgy topics.  

Identify and release emotional blocks that prevent you from attracting the irresistible relationship you desire

  1. Eliminate deep unconscious patterns that sabotage your success
  2. Learn The Completion Process – a powerful tool for releasing the past
  3. Define your irresistible relationship criteria:
  • Identify your “Must Haves” 
  • Distinguish between these “must haves” and your preferences
  • Determine what your deal killers are
  • Learn how to tune-up your current relationship to integrate these new criteria
  • Learn the top three communication skillsets that create winning relationships
  • Let go of patterns that no longer serve you
  • Connect deeply with a wonderful group of women and create deep relationships
  • Know that you’re no longer alone!

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