Individual Coaching

Relationship coaching is NOT therapy. My sessions are customized to help YOU have a safe space to connect, communicate and resolve your issues, from the boardroom to the bedroom. When we are in communication anything is possible!

What We Can Work On:

  • Creating an irresistible new life after divorce
  • Completing the past so you don’t repeat patterns that didn’t work
  • Developing deeper and more authentic connections
  • Communication skillsets that work
  • Learning to ask for what you need and desire
  • Creating relationship agreements that honor both of you
  • Conflict resolution
  • Developing deeper bonds
  • Emotional safety & security
  • Navigating the dating scene both online and organically

Who Karen Supports


If you currently have a partner you love and adore, and with whom you would like to develop a deeper bond including spicing up your relationship, let’s talk about how you can:

  • Reignite the passion you once had 
  • Explore a deeper, more intimate and juicy connection
  • Learn new ways to satisfy and thrill each other sexually  
  • Or perhaps you know it’s time to part ways but want to do so in a win-win manner, especially if there are children involved

The Successful Man ~
6 Steps to a New Life


Does this sound like you? Your business and financial life are in great shape. You may be retired or semi-retired. Perhaps you’re killing it on the golf course, and you have a blast on your annual ski trip with the guys.

But when it comes to your intimate relationships things may not feel so great. You’re lonely and not sure how to change that. You know there must be more but aren’t sure how to get it.  You date but realize you’d like to find a new way to relate with women who are your equals, rather than much younger women who want you only for your money. And you’re not getting any younger! 

Book a session with Karen to talk about how her 6 Step program can help you quickly makeover your personal life so you’ll be as successful and fulfilled as you are in your professional life. 

Just Divorced?

Given the statistic that separation and divorce rate second only to the death of a loved one when it comes to life’s most stressful events, no wonder it’s so difficult to start over after a divorce! And, since we once married out of love and the commitment “…til death do us partfinding ourselves alone in the world after years of partnership can be disorienting and challenging. 

Karen knows exactly what it’s like to start over after a long marriage which ended in her fifties.   Additionally, she relocated from Northern to Southern California and started her consulting business after being semi-retired for years. In response to these huge challenges she can completely relate to creating a new life in a new place. Book a session to find out how she can help you design your new irresistible life.  


“After my divorce, Karen helped me put myself and my needs first. I’m now making healthy, irresistible relationship choices thanks to Karen’s down-to-earth,non-judgmental yet powerful guidance.”—Ann Butterfield, RN, BCN