I went to a party last night and felt great knowing I was the best-dressed person there! I don’t think that would have been true before working with Karen. The questions and exercises in her preparatory workbook made it easy for us to determine the best looks for me before we started the closet audit. It’s really making a difference! I am more conscious about what I’m wearing and it feels great to know I look better. 

Karen educated me about how to shop and put together ensembles in ways that best support who I am and what I’m up to.

She also assisted me in packing for my trip to Europe. I never would have been able to know what to take and what would fit into the small amount of luggage I allotted myself. Karen, thank you. You do such good work, and it’s been fun getting to know you!

~Helene Zenia ~ Cosmetologist, Investor

Closet Audit Package 


What’s Included:

•  Preparatory Workbook filled with questions to help Karen help you create your best style

•  3.5 hours in person or via Skype with Karen 

Oftentimes, others can see what you can’t see about yourself. Karen has a superpower for helping you look your best. She sees things you don’t about how to enhance those green eyes, hide those extra pounds, or show off that long thick hair.

She’ll share some of her top secret tips and tricks for looking slimmer, more polished and put together.

If your image could use a makeover, hire Karen to come shopping with you in your very own closet. She’ll show you how to combine things, in a way you may not have thought of, to create a whole new look.

Once you’ve taken inventory of your existing wardrobe, Karen will help you create your wardrobe enhancement plan. Results you can count on:

  • A closet you LOVE! Only items that truly look great will remain (with a pile to give away or consign)
  • Shopping list – suggested items that will pull everything together

Customer reviews

What people say

Karen Solomon is a Rare Healer! She helped me express who I am by teaching me how to shop for clothes I like and which helped me have a more positive impact in the world. She helped me break through my resistances so I can dress for success. The inner me ad the outer me are now one. What a pleasure!
Rick Geggie
Author – Growing Up Easier, Educator, Grandfather
Karen Prepared me for a meeting with the President of the United States with an image makeover! When I got invited to the Oval Office, I knew I had to enter with confidence. I wanted a look that was respectful but not stodgy and that really reflected what I’m about. Karen made it happen.
Eric Brewer
Professor, U.C. Berkeley, Founder of Inktomi Corporation