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Karen Solomon’s genuine warmth, curiosity and enthusiasm inspire her clients, students, and friends, to play a bigger game in life and have a blast along the way. After helping them get clear about the  new life and relationship they desire, she teaches them how to ask for what they want and how to go out and get it. She’s committed to helping people create the relationship they’ve always wanted either inside their current one or when manifesting a brand new one. 

Karen is down-to-earth and empathetic, with a sense of humor that invites participation, particularly with the more sensitive and intimate topics. She walks a fine line between being appropriate and outrageous, which opens doors and gets her connected. 

With an eye for design and a unique sense of style, Karen serves others by upgrading their images and enhancing their self-esteem with her fun and friendly approach to image and lifestyle makeovers. 

Karen’s a teacher who walks her talk and leads by example. She reveals herself with exquisite vulnerability which creates emotional safety for others to be more truthful with themselves and others, leading to more intimate connections.. 

There’s nothing Karen likes more than helping people design an irresistible, sexy & sassy life after divorce or any other life transition. 

She finds so many people are frustrated because:

• The way they used to define themselves no longer fits

• Their bodies have changed but they still want to feel alive and irresistible. 

• They fear repeating the mistakes of their past and never finding a partner worthy of who they have become.

Karen knows that what every individual wants is to design love, meaning and a sense of belonging into the next chapter of their life.

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