A Teacher Who Walks Her Talk

Karen earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Education and Social Services along with a teaching credential from the University of Vermont after which she spent several years teaching elementary and middle school.

A 60 degree day during a Christmas vacation in San Francisco in the 1980’s inspired Karen to escape the long, brutal winters of New England. She relocated to the SF Bay Area where she lived primarily in Marin and Sonoma counties for close to three decades. A desire for even warmer winters lured Karen to San Diego County in 2014.

After a brief stint selling hardware and software in the Bay Area, Karen went back to her entrepreneurial roots and channeled her love of fashion and design into her 20+ year career of transforming lives from the inside out as an image consultant.

Deeply committed to her own development and a lifelong student, Karen embarked upon her journey of personal growth starting with the EST Training in the 1980’s and moving on to Lifespring, Landmark Education, as well as a wide variety of other trainings. She is currently working with the Morguelan Energy Institute. Her interest and desire to delve into deep relationship with others inspired her to participate in advanced courses and research at The Institute of Human Abilities (formerly More University (lafmore.com). She also studied with Western Tantric and relationship teachers including Charles and Caroline Muir, as well as Margot Anand, David Deida and Alison Armstrong.

Karen is an expert on conscious relationships, sensual and sexual connections, guiding others in understanding the distinctions between men and women that make all the difference in the way we communicate.  She is passionate about profoundly changing the way men and women relate to one another, and is an expert on how to have more passion, authenticity, better sex, and how to feel deeply loved and desired by one’s partner. Her clients appreciate the way she facilitates them their relationship to the next level by helping them communicate skillfully and directly with one another. Her dedication to having authentic connections, 

Single until she met her former husband in 1993 at the age of 37, Karen did decades of research in the realms of relationship. Billy and Karen’s partnership led them to traveling around the world including an extended honeymoon in Bali, trips to Alaska, Europe, Ecuador as well as research and studies with  many different schools of relationship. Though she and Billy have divorced, they remain excellent friends and Karen is grateful her step sons and the three young people who call her Grammy.

Wise & Witty Workshop Facilitator

Over time, Karen synthesized a unique combination of communication, sexuality, and relationship skills and practices to yield extraordinary results in her life. Others were watching and wanted to do the same. In 2001 the 20 something daughter of a friend told Karen how easy it was to talk to her about relationship matters, and asked if she might spend some time with her. Happy to roll up her sleeves and put on her teaching hat once again, Karen’s response was to create her now trademarked workshop, Men, Sex & Money®.

As an author, educator, inspirational speaker, image consultant, and relationship and intimacy coach, Karen Solomon empowers both men and women to discover their own unique path to personal fulfillment. She encourages both genders to get connected to each other through safe, authentic communication techniques that bridge gaps and tear down walls.

She created her Relationship and Intimacy Coaching programs to get couples on the same page and talking to each other. Karen coaches men and women to better understand each other, so they can ask for what they need in effective, empowering ways.

Subscribing to the adage, “The biggest sex organ is the brain”, Karen encourages couples to be 100% candid and transparent with each other. This fosters intimacy through vulnerability, which builds a deeper connection sexually, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially between men and women.